February 2012 Edition

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Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies
New MimioStudio ActivityWizard gives teachers back valuable time

On February 6, 2012, DYMO/Mimio released its most innovative educational software to date – MimioStudio™ 9 software – featuring all the tools and functions you’ve come to rely on, plus the brand-new ActivityWizard. Like its name implies, ActivityWizard is a uniquely intelligent tool that allows teachers to easily create learning activities in just minutes. Teachers can develop lessons for specific age and grade levels across core subjects, including language arts, math, science, and social studies, and automatically populate them with relevant facts from an extensive knowledge engine.

“The launch of MimioStudio 9 software with the new ActivityWizard establishes an entirely new standard for creating lessons by automating the creation process, saving a teacher time and minimizing errors without compromising instruction quality,” says Manny Perez, general manager of DYMO/Mimio. “The software brings a new level of simplicity to interactive teaching.” Adds Perez, “While there are lots of companies out there generating content for interactive white boards, much of it isn’t grounded in fundamental instructional design principals. ActivityWizard is.”

The new MimioStudio ActivityWizard marks the first software offering from DYMO/Mimio to incorporate the instructional philosophy of Headsprout®, an innovative provider of adaptive instructional content.

Sarah Coughlin
Algebra Teacher

Saving Time
“Every teacher knows that there’s never enough time in the day,” says Sarah Coughlin, algebra teacher at Hingham High School in Hingham, Massachusetts. Before using ActivityWizard, Coughlin would create a quadrilateral identification activity by dragging various shapes into a column and creating a bank of shapes. Then, she would format the table, align objects, lock objects, change text size, font, and color, etc. – which could take her over an hour. “Now I can create that lesson in less than a minute with ActivityWizard,” she says.

Kathy Korty, curriculum/technology specialist at Butler County ESC in Hamilton, Ohio, agrees. “ActivityWizard is a real time saver. I don't have to spend my time looking for or making response choices, and I don't have to add the right and wrong flash objects to reveal the answers. It’s all done for me. I just simply pick my topic, grade level, and template.”

Applied Learning
With ActivityWizard, teachers can be confident that they’re building appropriate exercises into their lessons and engaging students in gaining the skills necessary for ongoing success. Explains Korty, “In classrooms today, teachers are moving away from activities that require simple recall, toward practices that give students opportunities to apply their learning.

ActivityWizard’s template activities provide our students with a variety of opportunities to apply what they’ve learned. I would recommend ActivityWizard to every teacher.”

Melissa Haney
First-Grade Teacher

Instant Feedback
When it comes to teaching and creating lessons, Melissa Haney, first-grade teacher at Amelia Earhart Elementary School in Goddard, Kansas, is always looking for the most engaging and interactive way to teach her kids. “I want to be able to measure each child's understanding without them knowing they are being assessed,” says Haney. “With the ActivityWizard I am able to create fun lessons that measure their understanding in minutes.” ActivityWizard allows Haney’s students to manipulate their own learning, which gives her instant feedback on whether they have classified the objects correctly. “The kids love having control over their own learning,” she says. “The ActivityWizard will instantly become every teacher’s best friend because it gives us more time to do what we love – teach.”

Download MimioStudio 9 software today and take advantage of this amazing technology.

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Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners!
Last year we invited MimioConnect members to post winter-inspired lessons on mimioconnect.com for a chance to win a MimioView™ document camera. The greater MimioConnect community then had a chance to vote for their favorite lesson from the list of finalists. Over 35,000 votes were collected during the one-month voting period.

Thanks to everyone who submitted lessons and/or voted.

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Black History Month
Check out this great featured resource “Black History Timeline” which was posted to the mimioconnect.com site. Your students will love learning about events that have shaped the United States and about many people that have had a great impact.

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Learn how to use MimioStudio software to add sound to a picture. Students love it when this feature is added to a lesson!

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MimioStudio 9.0 is Available Now!
Check out the new enhanced toolset and lesson creation tools.

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New MimioStudio 9 Software Release
MimioStudio educational software offers a range of innovative tools and intuitive features that make interactive learning and teaching easier.

Take the time to update your software today. It takes just a few minutes to download and install the update.

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Become a master of your MimioClassroom products, learn to develop highly interactive lessons, and open exciting opportunities for yourself. Join the nearly 1,500 educators that have taken part in the Mimio Masters journey since 2008. The Mimio Masters program consists of three different levels that take place over nine weeks, the first two levels are online and the final level is one valuable in-person training day. Pick the course track that fits your schedule. Hurry and register today to join the Level 1 course taking place from March 12 to April 8.

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Lessons Aligned to Standards

Are you looking for standards-correlated lessons to use with the Mimio technology in your classroom? 

Our online community website, mimioconnect.com, now offers a range of classroom-ready lessons aligned to regional State and Common Core Standards.

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