October 2011 Edition

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Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies

Ten Classrooms Jump Start The Year With Mimio Technology

This past July and August, more than 150 teachers applied for the DYMO/Mimio Jump Start Grant – a grant meant to give teachers with limited resources an opportunity to “jump start” their classrooms with MimioClassroom™ teaching tools. The winners received one MimioTeach™ interactive system, one MimioView™ document camera, one MimioPad™ wireless tablet, and an onsite demo and training. “The winners were chosen based on need, their implementation and dissemination plan, and overall creativity,” says Magen McGahee, leader of Federal Programs and District Initiatives.

Even though some of the teachers hadn’t had direct experience with MimioClassroom products before, they had seen demos of them at trade shows or on YouTube. “It was clear that the applicants did a lot of research,” says Magen, “and some of them really went above and beyond.” Overall, the winners went into great detail as to how they would deliver content with MimioClassroom products, and how the grant would help them to make their lessons more interactive and engaging.

The Jump Start Grant was a unique opportunity because it gave individual teachers a chance to apply, rather than requiring a school or a district application.

Julie Bass, Fifth-grade teacher

Fifth-grade teacher Julie Bass says that the Jump Start Grant was the first grant she had ever applied for. “The process was much easier than I thought it would be,” she says. She even wrote a poem describing why she wanted MimioClassroom technology for her classroom (see below), and she designed some sample math lessons to show how she would incorporate real-world math activities into her classroom. “Sometimes math can be dry,” she explains, “and incorporating fun activities not only helps my students better grasp the concepts – it also helps them understand why the lessons are important. I just got my Mimio equipment and my kids can’t sit still – they are so excited.”

For kindergarten teacher Rebecca Penina Simon, winning the Jump Start Grant will help her keep her students interested and motivate them to become active participants in her classroom. “Although children use technology, their attention span is so short – especially in kindergarten. To reach my students, I need to present lessons that are stimulating and rich in content. The Jump Start Grant will enable me to do that.” In her winning grant application, Simon detailed how MimioClassroom technology would enable her to accomplish her goals. “At first I thought that applying would be difficult. But I attended a Mimio Grant Writing Workshop at the ISTE 2011 Conference in Philadelphia, PA this summer, where I learned how to write a grant proposal and how NOT to write one. It was really helpful.”

Rebecca Penina Simon
Kindergarten teacher

Before becoming a Reading/Spanish teacher, Denise Dickens was a missionary for 20 years in Belize and Guatemala, making do with very basic classroom materials. “You cannot imagine how exciting it is for me to get away from dusty chalkboards and actually get my hands on an interactive whiteboard!” says Dickens. The Jump Start Grant will help Dickens prepare her students for the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test in a way that is engaging, productive, and rewarding. “Now that I have the Mimio products,” she says, “I can't wait to start using them.”

Congratulations to all of the DYMO/Mimio Jump Start Grant winners!


2011 Jump Start Grant Recipients

Denise L. Dickens, Reading/Spanish Teacher, Francis Marion Military Academy, Ocala, FL
Julie Bass, 5th Grade Teacher, Grace Christian Academy, Knoxville, TN
Rebecca Penina Simon, Kindergarten Teacher, Bais Yaakov School, Owings Mill, MD
Teresa Stephens, NBCT, Math Department Chairperson, Hurricane High School, Hurricane, WV
Jan Sonnenberg, Educator/Technology Specialist, Patrick Henry Middle School, Hamler, OH
Allison Gallacher, Art Teacher, Sewanhaka High School, Floral Park, NY
Susan Matican, Teacher, Mead School, Ansonia School District, Ansonia, CT
Suzanne Shermak, 4th Grade Teacher, Jewett Elementary School, Mesick, MI
Tracy Wilson, Language Arts Teacher, Circle Middle School, Benton, KS
Monique Lynch, Teacher, Sawgrass Elementary, Broward County School District, Sunrise, FL

Poem by Grant Winner Julie Bass

Here’s a little story I just have to tell
About a 5th grade teacher who knows so well...
the ins and the outs of decimals and fractions
and teaching the basics of addition and subtraction.

But when she looks out, all that she can see
is the blank little faces of mathematicians-to-be.
She wishes she could do more for these boys and girls-
to teach them what goes on in the real world.

If she could have a few technology advances in her room
She would create a “real-world” math lab very soon
Showing students how to budget, how to buy, how to tell time,
how to measure, how to calculate, then teach them reasons why.

She would use the Mimio whiteboard for more class participation
and show them good reasons to use division and multiplication.
Using the wireless tablet is important she will find
to keep the students on their toes as she walks by.

A document camera would be useful with the textbook
to accompany the whiteboard activities and get a clear look.
They need to SEE how to use their skills in the real world
and provide them with math knowledge they themselves can unfurl.
The need is real, the wish is in bloom - to have a fully-decorated MimioClassroom!


DYMO/Mimio is pleased to invite all K-12 education entities to apply for a competitive grant, Bridging the Gap. Two winning applicants will each receive the following:

  • Five MimioTeach interactive systems, five MimioPad wireless tablets, and five MimioView document cameras for the classrooms in his or her school or district.
  • On-site training in the use of these tools with a DYMO/Mimio Teaching and Learning Specialist.
  • Five licenses for Headsprout Reading Comprehension tools.

Applications for the latest DYMO/Mimio grant are being accepted until 5:00 PM EST on November 25, 2011. Note that any questions regarding the grant are due by October 28, 2011 at 5:00 PM EST.

Get all the details about this grant opportunity >>


Featured Educator is back!

These interactivity pioneers are utilizing MimioClassroom products to create truly exciting learning environments. We are proud to profile these exceptional teachers in our "Featured Educator" series. Watch this month’s Featured Educator, Scott Everhart, use MimioClassroom tools in his classroom in this two-minute video.

Scott Everhart
Technology Teacher
Sea Gate Elementary School
Naples, Florida


Schools in over 40 states have signed on to adopt the new Common Core Standards, which define the knowledge and skills students should have in English language arts and mathematics upon graduating from high school.

Are you looking for standards-correlated lessons to use with the Mimio technology in your classroom? Our online community website, mimioconnect.com, now offers a range of classroom-ready lessons aligned to regional State and Common Core Standards. It’s easy to find just what you need. Use the drop-down menus to select the standards, grade, and subject areas by which you want to browse lessons.

Access lessons aligned to Common Core and State Standards >>


The MimioLearn™ content collection offers high-quality educational resources for Pre-K through 12th grades on a broad range of subject areas. When applicable, content is aligned to national and state standards.

The MimioLearn collection includes exciting images, sound files, Flash-based interactives, MimioVote™ question banks, animations, activity templates/graphic organizers, and one-page activities – a range of wonderful building blocks for teachers to use as they create their own quality interactive lessons.

Enhance your MimioStudio™ Gallery with these great MimioLearn Resources >>

New MimioLearn Resource Pack Now Available: Geometry Tools Pack

The Geometry Tools Pack contains an array of interactive Flash tools and shapes that teachers can use as building blocks in their lessons. There is an interactive compass, eight 3D shape interactives, thirteen 2D shape interactives, thirteen shapes that correspond to the 2D objects, and built-in activities with student-focused, observable, measurable objectives. Go >>


Need to create perfectly drawn shapes in an interactive lesson, but aren’t confident in your (or your students’) freehand skills?

See how easy it is to use the MimioStudio 8 shape recognition tool:

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