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January 2012

Mitchell Elementary and New Albany Elementary Win Latest Mimio Grant

First-grade teacher Angela Victory (New Albany Elementary) and Technology Specialist Marcie Lindsey (Mitchell Elementary) rang in the New Year with extra enthusiasm when they learned that their schools had won the DYMO/Mimio Bridging the Gap grant.
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December 2011

Teacher Spotlight: Classroom Innovation and Creativity

Sarah Butler, a first-grade teacher at West Point Elementary School in Greensburg, PA, describes her experience with implementing MimioClassroom™ technology into her classroom. She submitted the following article as a "Best in Tech Today" piece to Scholastic.com.
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November 2011

Make the Most of Your Lessons with the New "Instructional Design Corner"

While many classrooms around the U.S. have interactive teaching tools, teachers aren’t given much support in how to make activities both fun and effective. There’s nothing wrong with lessons being “fun,” but there’s no reason that they can’t also provide skills training for students and support meaningful student learning opportunities.
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October 2011

Ten Classrooms Jump Start The Year With Mimio Technology

This past July and August, more than 150 teachers applied for the DYMO/Mimio Jump Start Grant – a grant meant to give teachers with limited resources an opportunity to “jump start” their classrooms with MimioClassroom™ teaching tools. The winners received one MimioTeach™ interactive system, one MimioView™ document camera, one MimioPad™ wireless tablet, and an onsite demo and training.
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September 2011

Be the Master of Your Classroom Technology

Second-grade teacher Beverly Ladd says she has become a “more effective teacher” because she can now “cover more information in less time and provide more relevant examples” to her students. Third-grade teacher Timothy Mills now knows how to “create lessons from scratch and utilize premade lessons to help teach objectives” in his classroom. And third-grade teacher Tricia Fontenot says she has “revolutionized” the way she teaches.
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August 2011

Prepare your MimioClassroom for Back to School!

Summer is winding down and the back-to-school season is in full swing. We hope you are heading back to school feeling refreshed, energized, and ready for another exciting school year. Whether you are a MimioClassroom™ novice or a seasoned Mimio Master, the checklist below will help you get ready for back to school:
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July 2011

Mountain View Elementary School Wins First DYMO/Mimio Grant

Tracey Amend, the principal at Mountain View Elementary School in Broomfield, Colorado, was speechless when she got the call. Her initial silence was followed by screams of joy and questions of disbelief when she learned that her school was the recipient of the DYMO/Mimio grant, Enhancing Science and Math through Interactive Collaboration.
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June 2011


At the end of June educational leaders from around the world will converge on Philadelphia Pennsylvania for three days to be exposed to the latest in education technology. Attendees will have a chance to have hands on experience to test, try and ask questions on the products and services of over 500 leading technology companies.
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May 2011

Intervention, Integration, and Training: A Powerful Solution

There are a handful of educational leaders in Stafford, Connecticut who understand that “ubiquity of technology” means nothing without training and the right products. The Board of Education is very supportive of technology budget lines, and Stafford Superintendent Therese Fishman is doing her best to encourage technology integration.
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April 2011

Unlocking the Mystery of Successful Grant Writing

DYMO/Mimio understands the challenges educators face when it comes to writing and applying for grants. Magen McGahee, Leader of Federal Programs and District Initiatives at DYMO/Mimio, says, “Over the past few years, grants have become even more important, with our economy continually turning against school districts.”
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March 2011

Headsprout Joins DYMO/Mimio in the Effort to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Some things are a natural fit. As we announced last week, Headsprout has joined DYMO/Mimio in the effort to create technology that will further enhance the ability for teachers to "simply teach" and for students to learn more effectively.
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February 2011

From good to great. One teacher’s story.

Angela Crescenzo has always been a good teacher. But last December, her second-grade classroom at the Stanwood Elementary School in New Stanton, PA welcomed the holidays with a gift that brought Angela’s teaching to a new level - the latest technology from Mimio.
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January 2011

IWB Content: Let’s Make it Count!

The use of Interactive Classroom Technologies (ICT) in classrooms is booming and is expected to continue growing by leaps and bounds over the next five years. As more teachers start using ICT with their students, the demand for digitized lessons and educational materials will grow correspondingly.
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December 2010

Not Just a Clever Name: Make Your Lessons Better with the Help of the Make My Lesson Better Group

"There's always that little tweak to a lesson that can make it more effective, or you might have a great idea, but don't know how to take that next step because you're not aware of everything that's available in Mimio." That's where the idea for the Make My Lesson Better Group (MMLB) was born says founder Lindy George.
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November 2010


At DYMO/Mimio, we believe that teachers make the best teachers. That’s why all of our training program moderators are educators that have used Mimio in their own classrooms. This unique training approach helps to put those being trained at ease, because their instructor has firsthand experience with using the Mimio tools in the classroom.
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October 2010

The MimioVote Assessment System: Making Classroom Assessment Accurate, Easy, and Fun

In Goddard, Kansas, a high-school science teacher now accurately and confidentially measures student understanding on the spot. In Wilmington, North Carolina, a second-grade teacher has noticed that students who never used to raise their hand are suddenly eager to get involved.
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September 2010

4 Great Reasons to Join MimioConnect.com

DYMO/Mimio has its very own community for educators: MimioConnect.com. The MimioConnect™ site is a great resource for Mimio product owners who want to find content, upload lessons, share ideas, and ask questions. MimioConnect.com has only been available for a little over a year, but already there are more than... Read full article >>

August 2010

Welcome to Mimio.ink, an E-newsletter from DYMO/Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies.

We hope you’re returning to school refreshed and energized for a new year...and eager to hear about the new DYMO/Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies. That’s why we’ve created Mimio.ink, a monthly email communication highlighting the latest DYMO/Mimio news, resources and community information. Read full article >>